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January 30-March 30, 2015

Wholly Crow at Heartwood College of Art

Biddeford, Maine

Masters in the Studio

(group show)

Congratulations to the Pioneer Pod as they finish their Master's Degree with their thesis show. Graduates Shanna Wheelock, Kathryn Dembinski, Carolann Singer Tebbetts, Megan Biddle Snyder and Bonnie Faulkner will present their thesis work at 5pm.

Shanna Wheelock's thesis title: Channeling the Essence of Soul
Thesis Abstract:

Artists are a conduit between the realms, bringing into physical manifestation images that illustrate the collaboration of a greater, collective consciousness. In Channeling the Essence of Soul, the idea of the artist as divine channel is explored, via way of geographical location and vibrational frequency. This hypothesis is introduced and supported throughout the dissertation. In Chapter 1, an expansion of beliefs is requested. Chapter two presents an historical context by examining the work of five artists. Chapter three provides an overview of the thesis project from a personal spiritual point of view while connecting to theories by respected mystics and physicists. The conclusion, in chapter four, states a multitude of theories, relevant to today's awakening society, in support of this divine, creative connection.

Rising, Source, and Merge (Ink on Arches Hot Press)

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